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2017.08.02. 12:22

Az igazi sportfanatikusok még a nyaralás idejére sem mondanak le a rendszeres mozgásról. A közösségi oldalakon ráadásul egyre nagyobb hagyománya van a minél extrémebb körülmények között készített képek közzétételének, így kedvünkre válogathatunk a lélegzetelállító fotók közül. Van, aki a homokos tengerparton rúdtáncozik, más a legújabb őrületet, a supjógát űzi egy ingatag deszkán. És vannak, akik egyszerűen csak strandröpldabdáznak. 

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Battyfang Circus Retreat #beachacro

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For the most part, we are told and taught there's one thing we can and will be good at. One thing we have time to master or specialize in, during our life. But life, much like the rest of the world that goes round, needs balance. With the good and the bad, our strengths and our flaws, and the things we pride ourselves on and the things we never thought we'd try. I will never tell you that this or that is best for you, whether a sport, training routine, recovery routine, or in nutrition. I feel there's a significance in recognizing we are all made very differently, from the inside out, and there's a beauty in that to be respected. Experience from those around you can be beneficial, when you already know your truth, and have an anchor. It's important to dig for yourself to see what your body wants and needs to grown from though, through your personal experience. Cross training is something that honestly added such a positivity and strength into my life, that I never got from focusing on one sport or talent of my own previously. It didn't look like a boring gym routine and didn't feel like an obligation, which is generally what so many people get stuck on. A lot of people say I could never do that but the fact of the matter is I never did it either, until it was later in life. Bottom line, find what you love to do actively, incorporate activity that stretches you outside of your comfort zones and polished abilities. Make it something unique to you, something you're happy to wake up to every day and something you're beyond grateful for, without loss of motivation. Take all that, embrace it, and repeat. This grows a strength and success that lasts in a world thats become a fast food mentality. Where everything's become fast and cheap, make it worth your body's while to really take the time to invest in yourself and your abilities. Understand your body, what is does for you already, what it needs to continue, and what it can do in the future, when given all the tools and love it needs. Start from scratch if you have to but take the time to start something new in your life. You've all seen my journey here and how this has applied to me, now it's your turn #LiveWell

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San Diego Mornings

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Always grinding #beachfitness #miamibeach #beachfun. Photo by @btpho

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