Budapesten forgatja a Dűne című regényadaptációt Denis Villeneuve rendező, csupa sztárral a színészgárdában, akik közül Jason Momoa és Josh Brolin Instagramon számoltak be a magyar fővárosban átélt élményeikről. Az Aquaman sztárja Instagram-sztorijaiban a Bazilikáról és a Parlamentről mutat videókat, Thanos a Bosszúállók: Végjáték-ból, azaz Josh Brolin pedig a Nyugatinál fotózkodott a fiával.

Momoa Instagram-fiókja ide kattintva látható, Brolin fényképe pedig itt:

A bejegyzés megtekintése az Instagramon

And on Sunday I’m walking in the rain, the cold, to get breakfast for my wife. It’s raining too hard so there’s no use in pulling all of us out into it. I end up at a Hungarian joint about a mile away. It’s small and in a no-tourist ridden area. I had bought an umbrella at a pharmacy nearby and it still allows small patters to hit the front of my thin coat with a slight wind. But there’s an ambiance out here that I like so I order fast, ask how long, then walk through the labyrinth of ole Budapest, a mix of hundred year old architecture whispering a sadness from their soot covered stone and latter almost modern seventies style that almost look like an attempt as opposed to an era. Some of the old have chunks taken out of them, bites taken from bombs I imagine, the teeth marks of war. And I find out later that’s indeed what it was, not just my flexing romance. WW2 and The Freedom Fighters of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. I have a small angel waiting for me a half mile away, and I billow with a new love for what I have. Can you imagine me, instead of with breakfast, running back to them with some desperate weight of fear and survival? I expand and contract on my walk back imagining the worst and realizing the best arriving to an innocent smile from tummy time the floor, and arched cobra happy to see her Papa. My wife comes around from another room, takes the bag of omelets, in Jonas’s basketball PJ bottoms and pecks me on the lips, and with a sad whisper of her own says thank you, you. — Photo by @kathrynbrolin

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